GENERAL BOMB MACHINE was founded in 1990: four friends, who were strongly impressed by the progressive and innovative sounds of bands like VOIVOD, CORONER, WATCHTOWER etc. joined hands to create a new sound, which should be far away from the common metal-sounds at that time - without any compromise! After Christian (the fifth member and new singer) had taken over the micro from bass-playing Tom in 1992, the "GENERAL BOMBS" started to enter the stages near their home. Their gigs were received positively, but some of the spectators left the clubs disturbed by this kind of sick music - the musicians were satisfied. In August of 1992 the first demo, titled Pseudorevolution, was issued and looking at the fanzine-reviews there is the unanimous opinion that the sound and artwork of this tape were very well done.

In the following years the band played their first gigs in other countries (Poland, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary) and flourished in a young bands movement in and around their home-town with its legendary club "Music Hall" (R.I.P.). After a contribution to the Slovenian No Border Jam- Sampler the result of this first generation of bands was published in the form of the common output Young dudes and the big beat, a sampler with two GBM tracks and songs of other home-region bands like FLOWERS IN CONCRETE and EVOCATION.

Subsequently GENERAL BOMB MACHINE had some support-gigs (e.g. MELVINS, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, later gigs with DAS ICH, RAMMSTEIN and others should follow), until the day Tom left the band and was replaced by Gerli, another true friend of the musicians, who played his bass in a different and more melodic way from his predecessor. In spring of 1995 the second demo Black rain in Europa saw the light of day and as it was said in the Progression/Aggression - Zine the material of the tape was "darker, heavier and more discordant than GBM's prior recordings", but despite of the complexity more comprehensible. Besides song number one of the demo was part of the Tricompiler- Sampler together with FETISH 69, SANS SECOURS and others.

After a long odyssey GBM signed a contract with the Austrian CCP-Label in 1997 and published their first Mini-CD Dogma with four songs and the cover-version of Lee Hazelwoods Summerwine, which is still demanded by the audience vehemently at their gigs. The band stuck to their forward-looking approach to metal and their sick and heavy sounds and had in consequence their first headliner-shows in Austria. The live-gigs were supplemented with KaRaSu-video-performances to create a weird atmosphere - brutal sounds, sickening pictures, no fun at all!

Currently GENERAL BOMB MACHINE is working at their first full lenght CD, which will continue the evolution of their music.

Hombre (dr/ synth): Originality should be an important intention for a band, but you can't reach this goal only with crazy riffs and songs, which aren't comprehensible. As a musician I want to create emotional strange and of course heavy music, which causes an emotional response of the listener. Consequently it takes some time to unite weird instrumental parts and fluid song structures. I think for us and so called "progressive" bands in general this should be the aim to achieve.

Cme (g/ voc): The base is complex heaviness and the aim is to form annoying pictures. It's the fear of becoming random that drives GBM into new sounds. Some of them stay misunderstood, however, they hardly let somebody cold.